Am I a human on a spiritual journey, or am I a spirit on a human journey? Why am I here? Since childhood these questions have persisted in my mind. A masters in social work from Boston College allowed me to look at what is the meaning of family. I became a social work supervisor at a child welfare agency that matched Big Sister volunteers to Little Sisters; there I saw the variety of needs in families, some of which our volunteers could provide. Within this agency, I also directed a special volunteer program that reached out to children and teens in the Boston Chinese Community, where many struggling families were immigrants. In another agency setting that provided counseling to troubled families with children, I observed so much suffering and how people were caught in a cycle of violence that often went from generation to generation. Later, when I became a parent, I loved raising my child but there were challenges, too. I searched for an understanding of my experiences and observations. Divine Spirits heard me; their telepathic communication with me provided much insight, and the Universe began opening up to me. The shocking event of September 11th was the turning point that inspired me to look deeper for peace in a world that knew little of it. From that time on, I saw myself as a spirit on a human journey.