Book Overview

Being a parent is a complex role, where many points of the past, present and future cross. We parents have our past and are in the present with our children, but it is they who hold the future. Living with them every day for almost twenty years, we transmit our subconscious emotional history and beliefs to them. Through their intuitive openness, our children absorb our unspoken language of what love is or is not. What we share intimately with them, good and bad, they take into the future. Our children become the children we have been and pass on their history to the next generation. This is my story. I turn toward the light, and heaven gives me insight beyond my imagination.

“Into Your Child’s Heart is not only a gem of a book, it is a spiritual journey. Agnes Lui takes us from the challenges of being a sensitive and gentle parent into our own hearts. She reflects on her own personal history, her family of origin and her mix of Chinese and western culture. Spirit guides come forward to help her. From the precious family relation, that of parent and child, Agnes Lui takes us into the troubled world we all face today.

“Into Your Child’s Heart becomes a deeply meaningful meditation, a prayer for world harmony on every level of being. We breathe with this author every step of the way in this thoughtful, reflective and beautiful book.”

~Kathleen Spivack
Unspeakable Things, With Robert Lowell and His Circle


“Agnes Lui is a thoughtful spiritual seeker with a big heart. She has found wisdom through being a social worker and parent, through interactions with a wise spiritual teacher, and through dealing with difficulties with her family of origin. She shares that wisdom with us—and we certainly need it—and relates individual pain to the pain the whole world is in.”

~Lawrence Kessenich
Cinnamon Girl, Age of Wonder, Before Whose Glory, Pearl